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Mourn'Tes, the Children of the Thrice Twilight's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Mourn'Tes, the Children of the Thrice Twilight's LiveJournal:

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
1:28 am
Leaving Home fo the first time...
Well let me see we are asked to step through a portal to who knows where and told not to come home. We ended up in what used to be a wooded area where now only sapplings grow, our teafling climbed all the way to the top. I'm pretty sure I could see anything she could. It was funny however. I sent out Evangaline my Owl to scout and soon after we met the local wildlife. I guess the luck was still holding for the teafling cause she ended up under the 4000 pound bat, I wonder what they are feeding these bats. Kratos zapped the bat and I offered soap. The Dwarf didn't like my prying eyes but if they find a way to civilization I am sure that she won't complain. I am sure that we will have a smoother day tomorow, for now I have to go meditate so that I can protect my family.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
3:41 pm
My First Day in the real world.
Well here I am for the first time walking into the outside world of Mourn_tes with no help besides the help of my fellow friends. I say this cause we usually never leave our home. When we did leave our home it was of course with a group of sages which was who gave my friends and I a home for over one-hundred years. In the time that we did live with these sages we were trained in our professions. I was trained in the ways of Wu Jen, a profession of great arcane magics. Although I would have to say I am very excited about finally leaving our home and actually getting to see more of the world. Being the fact that I am a human, we don't live as long as most races. Id have to admit i'm not as young as I used to be and really glad that I can get out into this world and hopefully learn and see new things before I pass on to the next world.
So anyways getting back to the subject of the first day of our starting adventure. We were teleported into a seemed to be or should I say used to be wooded Forest. Accept this forest wasn't a forest anymore cause all the trees have been chopped down and taken. As we all look around and notice that we have no clue on which direction we should start heading. Our Mysic Theurg desided to summon her familiar owl and scoop out the area to hopefully find something that would give us a clue on which direction we should head. Waiting there for her owl to return I noticed that our Mysic was looking up in the night sky and seemed to be getting a bit nervous. I looked up noticing that her owl was heading straight towards us as fast as it could fly. Also noticing a huge figure flying in the air behind the owl. I stand up and frist thing to come to my mind is "DRAGON." Soo I ready a veil to block any breath weapon to protect our Mystic and I. While our other to members our a bit a ways and was a bit to fair away to be protected as well. I keep and eye up in the sky waiting to see this monstrous creature still flying right towards both of us. Also noticing that our other two friends are heading our way as well. Then after a moment I hear our Mystic mumbling some words and all of a sudden the sky starts raining comets and bashing that huge creature all the way to the ground making it prone. I readied a Fireball spell and casted it as the creature laid on the ground hopeing to burn it to dust. But of course this thing wasn't to weak. I could see now that it wasn't a dragon but it was some short of huge bat. As the bat laid there proned our other two friends had reached it and already with their weapons in their hands ready to give this creature a beating. I notice our assassin do some short of tumble trying to jump over the bat and seemed to trip over the bats massive wing. Well that didn't work to well cause he actually then got trapped under the bat. Our Fighter on the other side smacking it with all he had seemed to get some nice hits on it but just seemed like his weapons was just not doing anything to this thing. It was then I could notice that this wasn't just some bat but seemed short of like a shadow of some kind. But anyways you wouldn't believe this but as the bat being very angry from the fire and being slammed to the ground, it trys to get up and I guess it looked to me that it was dizzy or something and actually fell right back down to the ground. Which was NOT a good thing cause our assassin was still right under this creature. This thing had to be heavy as hell. Well noticing that our fighter was just not able to do much damage to this thing I had to think of something. I decided to cast one of my most powerful spells I had learned in my studies its called disintegrate. I knew it would be pretty dangerous to cast this spell since our assassin and fighter was pretty close and if I missed it could hit one of them. But maybe im just crazy I think it was the best idea. So I mumbled my words and cast my huge ray at this bat and turned it to dust. I felt pretty proud of myself and hope that my friends are not to mad at me . Well seems we our going to have a nice quiet nights sleep now and hopefully wont have anymore huge flying creatures sneak up on us while we sleep. Good night Journal!
1:59 pm
The birth of a new Era of "Peace"
This community, as most who are coming here on purpose will already know, is the recorded thoughts, adventures, and misadventures of a sturdy troup of miscreants who are currently surviving the perils contained in the world known as Mourn'Tes. Read on to witness the great heroic deeds, vile acts, or clumsy mishaps that occur within the realm inhabited by the Children of the Thrice Twilight...
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