alonia_nilo (alonia_nilo) wrote in mourn_tes,

Leaving Home fo the first time...

Well let me see we are asked to step through a portal to who knows where and told not to come home. We ended up in what used to be a wooded area where now only sapplings grow, our teafling climbed all the way to the top. I'm pretty sure I could see anything she could. It was funny however. I sent out Evangaline my Owl to scout and soon after we met the local wildlife. I guess the luck was still holding for the teafling cause she ended up under the 4000 pound bat, I wonder what they are feeding these bats. Kratos zapped the bat and I offered soap. The Dwarf didn't like my prying eyes but if they find a way to civilization I am sure that she won't complain. I am sure that we will have a smoother day tomorow, for now I have to go meditate so that I can protect my family.
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